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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Aluminium Gutter Supplies install gutters?
How does the Colortuff aluminium guarantee compare with the Colorbond guarantee?
Another person told me that aluminium gutters are too expensive. Do they cost more than Colorbond gutters?
Do all professional gutter installers have experience with installing Colortuff Aluminium Gutters?
Do Colortuff Aluminium Gutters come pre-painted in different colours?
Are there other types of aluminium gutters and how do they compare to Colortuff aluminium?
Can aluminium gutters react with my existing metal fascias and down pipes?
As my gutters wear out they always start leaking from the point where the two lengths of gutter join. Have the manufacturers of aluminium gutters solved this problem?
I am going to replace the gutters myself but I’m unsure how to manufacture a gutter corner. Can you help me with this?
My colorbond gutters are showing signs of rust at the corners and on the joins. Will aluminium gutters last longer than Colorbond gutters?
Do you make box gutters and other gutter profiles?

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