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Slotted or plain gutters Colonial Gutter
Available slotted or plain in 0.1m increments
Maximum recommended length 12m
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$21.10 m

$32.20 m for orders

less than 15m

Gutter mesh Aluminium Gutter Mesh Kit
(10, 15 and 30m kits complete with trim & fixings)
Gutter mesh (tile or metal roof)
Valley mesh (metal roof)
Valley mesh (tile roof)
$13.86 m
$14.88 m
$16.07 m
External and internal 90 deg corners External Corner 90
External corner 90 degrees
Internal Corner 90
Internal corner 90 degrees
$13.09 ea
External and internal 45 deg corners External Corner 45
External corner 30-75 degrees
Internal Corner 45
Internal corner 30-75 degrees
$16.43 ea
Stop ends left and right Stop Ends
Stop ends (left hand & right hand)
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$5.90 ea
gutter clips metal or timber fix Gutter Clips
Gutter clips (metal & timber fix)
Recommended spacing 1 clip per metre
$0.93 ea
Downpipes Downpipes Rectangular (colorbond)
95x45 downpipe 1.8m
95x45 downpipe strap
75x50 downpipe 1.8m
75x50 downpipe strap
Downpipes Round (colorbond)
75mm diameter downpipe
75mm downpipe strap
$26.62 ea
$2.36 ea
$28.77 ea
$7.30 ea
$38.64 ea
$6.89 ea
nylon anchors Nylon Anchors
5mm x 25mm (for fixing downpipe clips to brick)
Pack of 20
pop rivets Pop Rivets
Aluminium 4:3 pop rivet
Pack of 100
touch-up paint Touch-up Paint
Spray paint will oxidize at a different rate to other coloured surfaces
$19.85 ea
plumbing silicone Plumbing Silicone
Aluminium gutter sealant (grey)
$8.06 ea
Drill bits Drill Bits - stumpy double ended
Sized to suit our pop rivets
$3.78 ea
Silicone gun Silicone Gun
Accepts our silicone tubes
$22.67 ea
Tin snips right hand Tin Snips - right cut
Cuts straight lines and right hand curves
$45.32 ea
Tin snips left hand Tin Snips - left cut
Cuts straight lines and left hand curves
$45.32 ea
Rivet gun Rivet Gun - trade quality $29.06 ea
Delivery Delivery - metro area
Lengths that don't fit on the front verge will be split
$100 ea

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